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Shoulda been there on a Sunday morning..

..Bangin' my head

hellow love <3
20 December
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thanks to from___farxaway for some of the codes in my overrides.<3

thanks to contradictz, drave, pekeana, frameinblood, catlove, soulkiller, honerbright, ruinme, celestialpearl, & tintype for the brushes <3

My name is Laura. I'm 16 years of age as of December 20th, 1988. I love photography, and photoshop. I attend Vance High School- Sophomore; c/o `07. I am curently single taken by ♥Brandon♥. I like to be funky, fun, and LOUD. If you'd like to friend me- but you must comment on my journal, so go right ahead. <3

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